Can I use my mountain of reusable grocery bags for quilt backing?

Post date: 2023-09-26 07:45:30
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I order food via instacart. Every time I order they bring me a bunch of reusable bags because plastic bags are illegal. I do not take the bags to the supermarket because I do not go to the supermarket. My sewing machine finally came!!! I want to get started playing. Any reason not to use the bags as backing? Obviously not for a bed quilt, but for placemats or a totebag or maybe a put-it-on-the-wall/door christmas piece?

Possible reason not to: WTF are these even made from? Will they damage/destroy my needles? My fabric scissors? Will they shrink differently from cotton fabric and make an ugly mess? Are they made of poison I don't want to put on my table as placemats
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