I am frustrated with Walgreens

Post date: 2023-09-26 13:09:43
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How can I make sure the right version of a prescription is being ordered? For some reason Walgreens can't or won't look for my other prescriptions for the same medication (same dosage and same 90-day time period) when one is out of refills.

I don't need to be told to use another pharmacy. We have limited options in my town and this one has a drive-thru. Mail Order is also a joke.

So Walgreens seems to have problems communicating with my doctor's office. Today the app tells me that one of my prescriptions was filled on 9/14. I didn't pick anything up that day, so I go to the store to see if it is waiting there. The cashier tells me they didn't fill it that day but they did fax my doctor's office again asking for a refill. This was after they already asked for a refill on August 31st and got no reply. She keeps looking and says they have another prescription for me for the same medicine that does have refills on it. I ask her why they didn't fill that one. She says the wrong one was ordered. I tell her I didn't place this order, their "save-a-trip" program did and I can't see anything else in the app to order. She says she doesn't know how the app works.

Why wouldn't they look at any other prescriptions on file for the exact same medicine when a refill is ordered?

Every year something goes wrong in the fall and they start telling me I have no refills on anything despite my doctor sending a year's worth at my appointments in January. I get 90 day fills of my regular medications and she sends 3 refills, so I should be fine getting refills until October (January, April, July, October). But that never happens. This all started in 2020 and our local store is understaffed, but this seems like a system issue and not an understaffing problem.

Could there be something about the way my doctor is sending my prescriptions over that is causing this? Now I know to ask them to look for another prescription when they are claiming I have no refills, but I am not always the one sending the order.
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