ISO MOLLE accessories that do not read as fascist.

Post date: 2023-09-16 07:26:12
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I'm searching for the most Un-tacticool MOLLE compatible bags and pouches.

I am rebuilding a (wonderfully beat to shit, fastest hunka-junk in the galaxy, new to me) bullitt cargo bike, and while 'carrying big shit' has been well handled, 'carrying small shit' (lights, locks, toolkit, first aid kit, gleaned plums, etc) has not. I'm trying to get as much stuff 'for the bike' off my back as possible, so that I'm only carrying keys.

One idea that has merit is a rigid MOLLE panel mounted on the bike, allowing for modularity over time and to adjust to best-use. I have a panel that might work, and am testing its fit. It seems promising.

However, while it seems inherently difficult for a dutch cargo bike to read 'fascist' I'm trying very very hard not to approach the aesthetic. I'm looking for manufacturers that may be flying under my radar for bright, colorful, playful, functional MOLLE compatible bags, pouches, and the like.

Bonus points for the brightest colors, double bonus points for waterproof options.
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