Figuring out cannabinoid effects

Post date: 2023-06-02 01:45:35
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Looking for advice on avoiding occasional cannabis side effects.

I like to use marijuana products (mostly edibles, smoking, and vaping). Sometimes, not always, I experience one of two effects from certain types of these products: 1) consistent feelings of pessimism and doom, which feel different from standard weed paranoia or anxiety but may be related; 2) an allergic reaction of some kind, primarily congestion. I want to figure what is causing these reactions on a chemical level and avoid products containing that.

I often experience (1) with high-THC products such as concentrated weed gummies. Almost every time I take a gummy, regardless of brand, I end up in a multi-hour pit of despair. But just now I experienced it from a few puffs of a joint rolled with water hash. And the other "stoned" effects were pretty mild compared to the mood hit, so I don't think it's purely a matter of THC intensity, or is it? Regardless, what are some other edible products that might be better? CBD has pretty much no effect on me one way or the other.

(2) is usually associated with old, stale flower for me. I'm thinking it might be an allergy to CBN or THC oxide? Does that seem possible?
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