Seeking high school backpack that won't fall apart

Post date: 2023-05-10 04:18:18
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My teenager has gone through two backpacks from The North Face in less than a year. The North Face replaced the first one under warranty, and I expect they'll replace the second one, but we'd like to have something more durable.

We purchased The Borealis from The North Face because I think of them as a reputable company that makes quality gear. After about nine months, though, my kid showed me that both the shoulder straps were shredding and pulling away where they were attached to the top of the backpack.

We returned it to The North Face and they gave us a store credit which we used to buy another Borealis. We hoped it was an isolated manufacturing incident. This time, though, one of the straps itself is starting to split from the weight of daily use.

My teenager has typical high school backpack contents. It's not extraordinarily heavy. They usually carry it on both shoulders, but sometimes they carry it over one shoulder. (Note: the current splitting strap is not on the side they use for one-shoulder carry.)

So, we're giving up on The North Face and would like to get something else. Can anyone recommend a high school / college backpack that will last more than a year? It needs to carry a laptop, iPad, and some other assorted items. Two pocket minimum, three preferred. Chest strap (for clipping the two shoulder straps together) is a hard requirement. We are on a budget, but are able to spend more for something rock solid.
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