Long-term parking at Stewart International?

Post date: 2023-05-10 09:02:19
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First time flying out of SWF (driving up from city). What do I need to know?

Taking a trip to Iceland this summer and decided that flying out of SWF is cheaper/preferred than JFK/EWR, so gonna drive up and park my car for the week.

1. Is the on-airport parking ever full? Can I expect to show up and get a spot?

2. Is it quick? How much time should I account for to check-in/pre-pay and get to the terminal? Is there a shuttle bus or a van--do I need to reserve/pay separate for that?

3. Is there an easy cheap parking lot outside of the airport I should consider?

4. Any security concerns? I have a shitty 2005 Toyota beater that will be empty so not particularly concerned but let me know if I should be.

Any other tips for SWF travel? Never been flown in or out from there.
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