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Anemia and Cobalamin deficiency - Comment

Anemia is a condition where tissues of whole body lack oxygen either due to low RBC count or low hemoglobin. Different types of anemia and their symptoms, causes and clinical manifestations are described in this presentation slides.

2. Anemia ■ A condition in which your blood does not contain enough healthy RBC. ■ Heamoglobin is the main part of RBC and binds oxygen. ■ If your blood has too few or abnormal rbc Or Hb in your RBC is abnormal or low then your body will not get enough oxygen.
3. Iron deficiency anemia ■ It’s the most common type of anemia and it occurs when your body doesn’t have enough of mineral iron. ■ When onset is slow symptoms are often vague such as- 1. Feeling tired , weak 2. Short of breath 3. Having decreased ability to exercise ■ Anemia that comes on quickly often has more severe symptoms like- 1. Confusion 2. Increased thrust 3. Feeling like one is going to pass out.
4. Dimorphic anemia
5. Megaloblastic anemia
6. Cobalamin(vitamin b12) deficiency

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