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Can Kubernetes Keep a Secret? - Women in AppSec Webinar - Comment

We’ve all experienced it: you’re working on a task, adding some code, and then you need to store some sensitive configuration value. It could be an API key, client secret or an encryption key ― something that’s highly sensitive and must be kept secret. And this is where things get messy. Usually, secret storage is highly coupled with how the code is deployed, and different platforms have different solutions. Kubernetes has a promise to simplify this process by using the native secret object, which, as the name implies, can be used to store secrets or sensitive configurations. Unfortunately, Kubernetes secrets are fundamentally broken, and a developer who tries to use them will definitely have some issues. But no need to worry ― there are solid alternatives for storing secrets securely on Kubernetes platform. One solution is to use Kamus, an open-source, git-ops solution, that created by Soluto, for managing secrets on Kubernetes. Kamus can encrypt a secret so it can be decrypted only by your app on runtime - and not by anyone else. The first part of this session will cover the challenges faced when using Kubernetes secrets (from a usability and security point of view). The second part will discuss some of the existing solutions (Sealed Secrets, Helm Secrets and others), their pros, and cons, and then feature Kamus: how it works, what problems it solves, how it differs from other solutions, and what threats it can help mitigate (and what threats it can’t). The talk will cover all that is required to know so you can run Kamus on your own cluster and use it for secret management. Join me for this session to learn how you can build a Kubernetes cluster than can keep a secret ― for real.

Posted by :  peter88 Post date :  2019-10-31 23:35
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