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X-Marketing: The Next Rules of Marketing - Comment

Summary of Peter Fisk's new "X-Marketing" masterclass, delivered worldwide for the first time at Istanbul Raffles Hotel, 5 December 2016. It explores the "next" generation of marketing practices (also known as Marketing 4.0 or Exponential Marketing).

More information at www.theGeniusWorks.com .. or email directly peterfisk@peterfisk.com for "X-Marketing" workshops, masterclasses and inspiring keynotes.

The concept in brief:

Markets have changed. Customers have changed. Has your marketing? Have you?

A new generation of businesses (new technologies, new business models, new leadership) is emerging to address a new generation of customers (new audiences, new geographies, new aspirations). Marketing exists to connect businesses and customers, in relevant and profitable ways.

A new approach to marketing is therefore required. Some of the new approaches, and maybe the language, will be familiar. But not all, and not joined up as a fundamental approach to driving business performance. Together, some call it Marketing 4.0 or Exponential Marketing, but whichever labels you apply, it involves a seismic shift in philosophy and practice.

It fundamentally challenges every marketer who still turns first to their strategic plan. And then to their advertising agency, or even their web developer. It is fundamentally digital in mindset, but human as well as technological. It demands analytical thinking, content and networks, but also vision and creativity. It requires new types of leaders, and a new mindset for every marketer.


Will Elon Musk take you to Mars in 2025?
2016, the year of Amazon Dash and Pokemon Go
There’s never been a more scary or exciting time (aka Turkey)
Michelle Phan could be the biggest brand in the world
Creating a revolution in finance, retail, and healthcare
Will brands like Akbank, Ulker, and Vodafone be here in 2025?
What’s your brand’s 10X?

Idea 2 : THE 10X RULES

Growth Hacking: Why the strategy process is dead
Customer Immersion: Deep diving for designer insights
Platform Innovation: Reinventing markets and business
Brand Storytelling: Making ideas human and contagious
Social Influencers: Forget advertising, think movements
Enabling Experiences: from hype to help, the job to be done
Exponential Impact: amplifiers and accelerators of growth.


Rethinking your marketing with “the 6Ds of Exponential”
Machines, robots, AI, AR, VR and the singularity
What can we all learn from Snapchat’s story?
Being human, time with friends, creativity and giving back
Be inspired by East India, Surfair, Tencent and Vice
Beyond the bullshit, where do you start?

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