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Ketogenic diets, water weight, picking a diet, and supplements - Comment

Ketogenic diets, water weight, picking a diet, and supplements
(Mark Sisson, pictured above- big player in the paleo diet world.) The most back lash I’m seeing is people saying why do you say low-carb diets are bad! OMG IT’S CALLED KETO DIET AND I LOST 600 POUNDS ON IT. Firstly, I never said low-carb diets are bad, I said they aren’t beneficial in the long-term compared to other diet types. And what I meant by that was they don’t have added benefits to a similarly controlled diet of another kind. Most studies show that the benefits of low-carb diets become comparable to regular-carb dies at around 6 months to a year. They are also difficult for people to sustain. If they work for you, great! Do it! I’m not saying it’s bad, just that it’s not superior. The rapid weight loss seen with low carb diets are mostly from water weight. The sustained weight loss is from yes, fat less, and more water weight until it plateaus out. When most people add carbs back into the diet, they gain a lot of weight back. This post isn’t intended for people who want to rapidly and temporarily lose weight, it’s intended for 1. Athletes, weight lifters, and overall exercisey people who want to maintain their performance (lifting, running, etc) and 2. People who want to form good dietary habits for life! Low carb is hard to sustain for life, so I don’t just throw it out there. If it works for you, yeah! Do it! Woohoo! But it’s not better in the LONG-term than regular diets.

And that leads into my next point! You guys aren’t gaining and losing 5-10 pounds of fat every week! That’s water weight. This can be due to fluctuations in exercise, carb intake, salt intake and… if you’re a girl. I’m sorry women, you just have it way harder than us men because of your cycles and hormones and such. Exercising increases your body’s storages of fuel in the form of carbohydrate (called glycogen), which is stored with water. This can boost your water weight a couple pounds, especially when you first start working out or up your intensity. Salt intake effects some people, but not others. Women… I’m sorry. I don’t envy you. Pay more attention to how you look and if you fluctuate a lot, weigh yourself everyday and compare to similar periods (:D) of your cycle. This will give you a better idea for overall trend.

Next up! If you have no idea what I’m talking about and this is all super confusing, just pick a diet! If a diet sounds good to you and you think you can do it, just do it! Don’t put it off. Start tomorrow! Every diet works because it results in less calories being taken in (anything they claim is just a gimmick, which is fine.) This might not be the best for long-term stuff, but it will help you get an idea as to what it’s like to eat something that isn’t Whataburger and Oreos. Do this for awhile, you’ll get how food and diet works, and then you can re-read this post and it will make more sense. Here's a list of diets you can look into: DASH diet, TLC diet, Mayo clinic diet, "Mediterranean diet," Weight Watchers diet, Flexitarian diet, Volumetrics, Biggest Loser Diet, the cut everything you're eating in half diet, the put down the cake diet, the lean pocket diet, Paleo/ Primal diet, Atkins diet, South Beach diet, GRAPEFRUIT DIET! (diet!), Eco-atkins diet, diabetic exchange diet, etc etc etc. There's a lot out there. I AM NOT ENDORSING ANY OF THESE DIETS AS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER. The whole point of ANY diet is to make you cut your calories. Usually they do this by eliminating food groups causing you to spontaneously eat less. The POINT of this part is that you stop THINKING about it and just go DO it. Also I made some of those diets up.

Last! Supplements. There are three supplements I recommend for weight lifters and the ACTIVE population (I don’t consider protein a supplement). These will do nothing for you if you just want to lose weight. They are: creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, and branched chain amino acids or HMB*. Creatine is like carbs. It’s used for energy in EXTREMELY short bursts, like 8-10 seconds—the end of a sprint or the last rep of a hard set. Think of it like putting more gas in a tank. The gas won’t make your car faster but it’ll let it run further. You can load it at like 20g for a week then 5g everyday after that or you can just do 5g a day if you aren’t in a rush. Not everyone responds to creatine. Be sure to drink it with plenty of water. Beta-alanine is converted to carnosine, which basically helps buffer the acidity that builds up in your muscles so you can push harder. I think a clinical dose is like 1.5-3 grams but I forget. I ONLY recommend BCAAs or HMB if you work out fasted- meaning you haven’t eaten anything for quite a while before working out (usually breakfast). I hear talk of yohimbe to help with fat loss during fasted training but all the data seems to be biochemical with no real human studies on fasted training and fat loss, and it can make people jittery. A quick note on caffeine, it does induce thermogenesis! Woohoo! Studies show that participants who took caffeine prior to exercising burned SEVEN MORE CALORIES PER HOUR! Yeah. It’s not that useful. That’s all for this post! Msg me for questions and new post ideas! First post: http://imgur.com/gallery/CqxFr Second post: http://imgur.com/a/rAsRd Fourth post: http://imgur.com/gallery/XC0nm/new

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