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The part of 193lb weight loss no one talks about , take 2! Ha. - Comment

The part of 193lb weight loss no one talks about , take 2! Ha.
Okay well a lot of you know that I lost 193 lbs over the span of 2 years and most of you asked the question 90% of people ask when they find out how much I've lost.

Imgur removed my last post for what I could only assume as cleavage so here is take 2 hopefully more pg.

Here it is, it's ugly but it's the reality of massive weight-loss. Loose skin. I mainly have it around my abdomen but I also have it around my upper chest and arms. It causes back and skin problems. It changes the way I can exercise and alters my center of gravity.

I have to dress around my body instead of dressing the way I would like, there are certian things I can and cannot wear.

And certainly, yea. It really has an impact on my self confidence and how I see myself.

My plan is to get it removed once I feel like I have toned and reduced it as much as I am able naturally!

Loose skin changes what should be a 15 minute shower into a 30 minute because it needs it's own care and drying or else it causes infections and other problems.

No amount of exercising will remove this, it may reduce in a year or so with more toning and weight training but it will never be completely gone without surgical intervention.

BUT I wouldn't change anything. I would take yards and yards of loose skin over being the unhealthy and depressed person I was 2 years ago!

Thank you for reading and if you guys have any questions or anything you think I could answer please shoot me a message or leave a comment and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can!

Happy Holidays everyone and happy new year. Also, cat tax!


Wow everyone ! Thank you for the kind words and encouragement, I hope I have answered some questions and got to share my story.

A lot of you have suggested I create a GoFundMe page and I was very hesitant at first because I posted this post to answer the questions most of you have asked me and to shed some light on the loose skin subject and show that even though it is a daunting aspect of weight-loss, it is always worth it in the end.

but after the encouragement of many of you imgurs I've created a GoFundMe page and posted it here, https://www.gofundme.com/loose-skin-removal-for-kayla , Thank you guys again so much for all of the kind words and inspiration!

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