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12 Views The political power of being a good neighbor
Michael Tubbs is the youngest mayor in American history to represent a city with more than 100,000 people -- and his policies are sparking national conversations. In this rousing talk, he shares how growing up amid poverty and violence in Stockton, California shaped his bold vision for change and his commitment to govern as a neighbor, not a politician. "When we see someone different from us, they should not reflect our fears, our anxieties, our insecurities," he says. "We should see our common humanity."
Post date : 2019-06-16 02:42 Posted by : peter88
12 Views The Road Not Taken
This animation is part of the TED-Ed series, "There's a Poem for That," which features animated interpretations of poems both old and new that give language to some of life's biggest feelings. [Poem by Robert Frost, directed by Ellen Su, music by Stephen LaRosa].
Post date : 2019-06-16 02:48 Posted by : peter88
11 Views My life as a work of art
Daniel Lismore's closet is probably a bit different than yours -- his clothes are constructed out of materials ranging from beer cans and plastic crystals to diamonds, royal silks and 2,000-year-old Roman rings. In this striking talk, Lismore shares the vision behind his elaborate ensembles and explores what it's like to live life as a work of art. "Everyone is capable of creating their own masterpiece," he says. "You should try it sometime."
Post date : 2019-06-16 02:44 Posted by : peter88
11 Views Ugly History: Witch Hunts
In the German town of Nördlingen in 1593, innkeeper Maria Höll found herself accused of witchcraft. She was arrested for questioning, and denied the charges. She insisted she wasn't a witch through 62 rounds of torture before her accusers finally released her. Other accused witches weren't so "lucky." Why did these witch hunts occur? Brian A. Pavlac digs into this horrific chapter in human history. [Directed by Lisa LaBracio, narrated by Adrian Dannatt, music by Stephen LaRosa].
Post date : 2019-06-16 02:51 Posted by : peter88
11 Views The Rich Man's House / Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind Stayed on Freedom)
Resistance Revival Chorus, a collective of more than 60 women, fill the TED World Theater with a rhapsodic performance of "The Rich Man's House" and "Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind Stayed on Freedom)." They show us how joy can be an act of resistance.
Post date : 2019-06-16 02:59 Posted by : peter88
11 Views How close are we to eradicating HIV?
The world is getting closer to achieving one of the most important public health goals of our time: eradicating HIV. And to do this, we won't even have to cure the disease. We simply have to stop HIV from being transmitted until eventually it fizzles out. Philip A. Chan explores the preventive strategies helping us tackle HIV and the possibility of ending the epidemic. [Directed by Antimatter, narrated by Addison Anderson, music by André Aires / AIM Creative Studios].
Post date : 2019-06-16 03:14 Posted by : peter88
10 Views The Singularity
Poet Marie Howe introduces us to "ecopoetry," which asks the human ego to step aside and "let the whole living world move into the poem." She reads her poem "The Singularity," inspired by the physics that created the earth.
Post date : 2019-06-16 03:00 Posted by : peter88
10 Views Passing the mic to migrant farmer workers
How can we make space for marginalized communities to tell their stories? Raised by migrant farm workers, attorney Mónica Ramírez points out the injustices this often unseen and isolated group faces -- from wage theft and sexual harassment to dangerous working conditions -- and advocates for the solutions they need.
Post date : 2019-06-16 03:02 Posted by : peter88
10 Views Why we get mad — and why it's healthy
Anger researcher Ryan Martin draws from a career studying what makes people mad to explain some of the cognitive processes behind anger -- and why a healthy dose of it can actually be useful. "Your anger exists in you ... because it offered your ancestors, both human and nonhuman, an evolutionary advantage," he says. "[It's] a powerful and healthy force in your life."
Post date : 2019-06-16 03:06 Posted by : peter88
10 Views 3 steps to turn everyday get-togethers into transformative gatherings
Why do some gatherings take off and others don't? Author Priya Parker shares three easy steps to turn your parties, dinners, meetings and holidays into meaningful, transformative gatherings.
Post date : 2019-06-16 03:10 Posted by : peter88