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6 Views Toddler narrowly escapes being crushed to death by a lorry
A toddler has miraculously survived after falling from a fast van into the path of a heavy lorry on a highway in China. The child flew out of the black van after a door suddenly slid open when the vehicle went around a corner at a high speed. Seconds later, a woman jumped out of the van into the middle of the traffic lane to rescue the child.
Post date : 2019-02-23 00:09 Posted by : peter88
5 Views Hilarious moment burglar rips gate off wall and crushes accomplice
Love Island's Charlie Brakes posted a hilarious video of 'd**ckhead burglars' breaking into his friends warehouse on Snapchat yesterday. In the clip one bungling burglar slammed on the accelerator to break into a warehouse door and sent his accomplice, who was stood in front of it, flying. Love island millionaire Charlie Brakes, whose family own leading food wholesalers company Brakes, posted the video on Snapchat.
Post date : 2019-02-23 00:06 Posted by : peter88
5 Views Hidden camera footage shows Chinese teachers violently dragging, beating and kicking children at a kindergarten in Italy
Two Chinese kindergarten teachers in Italy have been arrested after being caught violently dragging, beating and kicking children by hidden cameras. Zheng Moli, 38, and Hong Pingping, 26, are said to have abused children aged between three and six on 41 different occasions last month alone by cameras installed by police in Tuscany, according reports from Italian media. Ms Zheng, who allegedly got her degree in education in China, claimed such 'teaching' methods were 'normal' in her home country and 'nobody has told me not to beat children with sticks in Italy', according to Chinese sources.
Post date : 2019-02-23 00:05 Posted by : peter88
5 Views Worker Gets Shot Like A Cannon After An Explosion
On the afternoon of May 3, Wang Moumou, deputy director of the hydrogenation workshop, arranged the operation of the No. 1 hydrogenation reactor. The manhole of No. 1 hydrogenator was opened. Wang then gradually opened the vacuum valve on the kettle three times, causing a large amount of air to be sucked into the No. 1 hydrogenation reactor to form an explosive mixed gas with the ethanol vapor in the kettle.
Post date : 2019-02-23 00:03 Posted by : peter88
5 Views Clerk Duct Taped & Set On Fire During Robbery
Palestine police are searching for a suspect who they say duct-taped a store clerk and a customer, then set the customer on fire during a robbery at a convenience store. The robbery occurred Thursday morning at the Pit Stop on North Link Street. According to Chief Andy Harvey, the suspect entered the store armed with a handgun. He is shown on surveillance video asking the store clerk for something from behind the counter, and when her back is turned, he is shown pulling a handgun out. He is then shown forcing the clerk into a corner behind the counter. The video also shows the man going to the door of the store, and physically bringing a female customer into the store. He is shown duct-taping her behind the counter. He then douses the women with fluid, and lights the customer on fire. Harvey said the clerk was able to help the customer get her burning shirt off. The customer was transported to a local hospital for treatment, and was then taken to a Dallas hospital for treatment. “The suspect … decided to pour lighter fluid on the cashier and the customer. Right before he left, he lit a match and lit them on fire," Harvey said. Later Harvey clarified that the customer was set on fire, while the clerk was crouched in the corner and doused with lighter fluid. The lighter fluid, the store owner said, had been bought by the suspect a short time before he re-entered the store to commit the crime.
Post date : 2019-02-23 00:02 Posted by : peter88
5 Views Nurse attacked by inmate at Cuyahoga County Jail
An inmate attacked a nurse inside the medical unit of the Cuyahoga County Jail, a lock-up facing hard questions about inmate deaths, overcrowding, deplorable conditions and more. A county spokesperson said an inmate grabbed a nurse from behind, around her head and neck. Corrections officers quickly moved in before she was seriously hurt. That inmate has now been placed in “restrictive housing.” The county said the nurse was checked out and then returned to work. The jail has been under a spotlight and the focus of multiple investigations.
Post date : 2019-02-23 00:01 Posted by : peter88
5 Views Sick Punk Shoots Teacher In The Head Over Traffic Dispute
The Civil Police arrested the man suspected of killing Professor Ederson Costa dos Santos, 29, during a traffic fight in Marabá. The driver named as the author of the shots is a military police officer and was located in the municipality of Imperatriz, in Maranhão. He was identified as the shooter that appears in the images of the security cameras that recorded the murder. According to the Civil Police, the PM was arrested at the barracks where he works. Police in Pará also seized the used car on the day of the crime. The prisoner will remain in Maranhão until judicial transfer authorization. Investigations continue to locate and apprehend the accomplice of the military, considered to be the co-author of the murder and who is also under arrest warrant ordered by Justice.
Post date : 2019-02-23 00:00 Posted by : peter88
5 Views Dropped cup suspected as cause of bus crash that killed 3
The NTSB suspect a dropped Thermos was the cause of a crash between a tour bus and an MTA bus that left three people dead in Queens, New York.
Post date : 2019-02-22 23:58 Posted by : peter88
5 Views Quick-thinking forklift drivers block in thief making their escape
Quick-thinking forklift drivers block in a thief trying to make their escape after robbing a store in the Czech Republic. The three drivers block in the thief's car so he could no longer move.
Post date : 2019-02-22 23:57 Posted by : peter88
5 Views Tire Explosion Rocks Dude Who Tries To Put Out The Fire!
Tire Explosion Rocks Dude Who Tries To Put Out The Fire!
Post date : 2019-02-22 23:56 Posted by : peter88
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