Deer Crossing, as in RIGHT NOW

Post date: 2023-03-29 06:51:56
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Is there anything like "best practice" for when an enormous animal leaps onto an Interstate in your immediate vicinity while driving?

I just had my closest call ever with livestock about a week and a half ago, a good-sized buck. I only saw him jump at the last second and honestly though he was going to T-bone me, but I saw his legs go past my bumper-mounted rearview camera and I do not know what happened after that. It was decently dense traffic, speed limit 80/70 for trucks, there was a semi behind me with reasonable distance but I did know in the half-second I had to think that I absolutely should NOT brake hard, whatever else happened.

After the adrenaline faded, I started thinking of all the various ways that could have gone down. I hit the deer, deer hit me, or the possibility that someone in front of me hits the deer and THEN it becomes my immediate problem.

For our particular use case, vehicle is a big white cargo van with no side windows, but I drive regular passenger cars sometimes as well.
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