Yay, we finally got a PS5! Er...now what do we do with it?

Post date: 2023-03-29 15:26:41
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The last game console I owned before this was a PS2, and things are...different, now. Games seem more complex and more expensive, familiar titles don't work the same way as they once did, and I no longer know where to go for reliable reviews. Please help me navigate this new world and find a game or two that I will enjoy!

In the first year of the pandemic, I posted this question about what game console we should buy based on the sorts of games we like. Due to various procrastination, we waited until it seemed like a PS5 would be the logical choice, should we be able to get one. Well, we now have a PS5, and I realize I have absolutely no idea how to pick games in a world where I can't just wander into Tower Records and rent something, or buy used games, or read reviews somewhere that doesn't look like a bunch of ads and clickbait.

I'm particularly looking for an RPG - I prefer things to be turn-based rather than real-time, if such a thing exists anymore, and I enjoy having some strategy elements, although a good story is also cool. I really hate time stress and/or anything jumping out at me, and my gaming time is limited these days, so I don't want something so difficult that I waste hours beating my head against a wall.

Are any of the bewildering mass of Final Fantasy games something I should try? (In the past I've enjoyed Tactics, VII, and X.) Have other good RPGs emerged while I was not looking? Many thanks for any pointers - the console is kind of cool looking, but it's not worth the price as decor!
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