How to organize storage unit?

Post date: 2023-03-23 09:00:02
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About to do some spring cleaning and I've decided to finally get a storage unit so my house can stop being cluttered and maybe I can actually think straight.

There will be some miscellaneous household items (like space heaters and such that won't be useful for a while) but I think the bulk of it will be toys. I'd like to get a toy rotation thing going for my kid but the problem is we currently have nowhere to store the toys that are out of rotation, so I was thinking of using a storage unit for that. To that end, I'm wondering what the best strategy would be... I think we'd like to use bins to keep things clean but the problem is lifting heavy bins off each other is not going to be fun and also dangerous for our aging backs. Are there clear bins that open from the side or something so that it's easy to transfer toys in and out of? Or is there some other idea I'm not thinking of?
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