Trying to find a webcomic

Post date: 2023-03-23 12:06:17
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There's a webcomic I ran across a long time ago. I don't recall the name, the creator's name, or the URL, but with luck maybe someone will recognize it from the details I do recall.

It's definitely a fantasy piece. Characters include humans, elves, giants, snake-people, and others I can't recall. NSFW at times.

The protagonist runs away from home and joins a group of people traveling - don't recall what the purpose of their trip is. There's a wagon. Wagons maybe. She's at first with a tall, blonde man but later they split up and remain friends. She keeps a journal.

Her mother realizes she's gone and sets off to find her. She hires a man to act as her guide and at some point they become romantically involved. They get snowed in in a cabin on a mountain, I think. She has a really interesting inner journey reflecting on her sharp, unkind manner, wondering how she came to be this way and realizing it wasn't who she wanted to be.

The art was what I think of as basic comic art but in a good way. Solid, didn't distract from the story.

I feel like the word "red" was in the URL somewhere. Might be wrong about that.

For some reason this is driving me crazy.
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