Other people's baking: delicious and dizzying

Post date: 2023-03-17 13:50:06
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In the past month, my three year and I have eaten baked goods made by different friends twice, and both times, came down with symptoms of bad food poisoning: diarrhea, extreme nausea, loss of appetite. I believe my friends are hygienic enough, and my husband had no reaction. Is there an ingredient they might be using that is causing a reaction?

The baked goods were mochi and muffins (no recipe known, but pretty standard).

Due to the pandemic and WFH, my three year old and I have barely eaten things we don't cook ourselves in the last three years. My husband does eat out regularly. This makes me wonder if our stomachs are really sensitive — but to what? Restaurant (savory) takeout causes no issues in the rare time we do it.

We do bake at home with no reactions.

This could also be a sheer coincidence, but I'm just wondering if there is some obvious ingredient — or method — in homemade baked goods by other people that is upsetting us.
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