better speaker for phone calls/good headset for phone calls

Post date: 2023-02-04 04:52:23
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Technology woes inside.

I WFH and my work phone is actually an app on my computer. Additionally, I do a lot of Teams calls (video and audio) with folks at my company. At present, all of the output sound for these calls is going through the microphone on my video camera and the input sound is the speaker on my laptop. I would like to find a solution for both problems to improve my audio situation:

1) can anyone recommend a good speakerphone speaker that I can connect to my Dell laptop so I'm not just using the teeny laptop speakers to hear phone and Teams calls. I do have a portable Bluetooth speaker that supposedly connects to my computer but in reality does not - it works for music but not for calls and IT is stumped. Said speaker also doesn't have a microphone.

2) I do occasionally work in the corporate office and my current pair of Bluetooth headphones supposedly connects to my computer but in reality does not. It does work properly for my mobile phone but I've learned from hard experience not to give out my mobile number to anyone but my supervisor (for emergencies). Can anyone recommend a good headset for when I need to do calls in the office? I am an accountant and occasionally I need to call the bank from the office or home and they refuse to give me banking info over speakerphone so I am forced to use my mobile in these situations which again, I would prefer not to do.

3) can anyone recommend me a decent yet inexpensive portable second monitor for the rare occasions that I am traveling and need to work? I cannot do my work without at least a second external monitor in addition to my laptop. My WFH setup has two external monitors.

Trying to keep all of these devices reliability usable but not wildly expensive as I will be submitting for reimbursement from the company and don't want to raise any eyebrows.

Amazon is overwhelming me at the moment.

Again, I have a Dell laptop running windows as my main machine. I need products compatible with PCs. Apple products are not going to fly as IT has minimal support for Apple products.

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