I don't know how to find a person/company to develop an app

Post date: 2023-02-04 08:06:27
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I'm exploring an idea of an app for work that is beyond my ability to create, but also seems much simpler than the kinds of things companies build. How do I find a right-sized app developer?

I need something (I think) that would take an existing RSS or JSON feed from an existing events calendar and an existing news feed, rebundle the image/headline/date/time for each event with a link to the event listing on the site / link to the full story on the site, and create a simple app where when you open it it's just a scrolling, vaguely Instagrammish feed of event listings / news stories + push notifications for last-minute changes or things we really want to draw attention to.

I don't have any app-making powers or in-house capacity to build or maintain such at thing.

I'm not Scrooge McDucking my way across a vault of coins, but this is something that I would have a budget to create and set up.

Key concerns include:
- maintenance over time -- a service that keeps the app up to date and compatible and pushes updates to the Apple / Google stores
- no interest in overstuffed enterprise solutions -- we've already gone the route of a big-company "app that does everything" approach, and have found what we need is something that scales right down to an events/headlines list.

I'm not a developer and I'm not sure what the right words are or the right approach is to find "modest" app-building services. It's easy to find giant companies that want to sell me massive SAAS app platforms that I customize, but I kind of want the inverse of that.

Where can I look / what search terms should I use?
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