Working night shift - for 2 weeks. Any advice?

Post date: 2023-01-24 18:38:07
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Dear night shift experts, I'm in a situation where in April I need to work the night shift for 2 consecutive weeks: 10pm-7am, Tue-Sat. My spouse and kids are not thrilled. Fortunately I have the option to expense a hotel next to the office (40 mins away) for those 2 weeks. And then I have to go back to normal hours immediately. I've never worked the night shift before. Any do's / don'ts? What waking hours should I keep? Should I bother trying to see my family? (There's no school one of those weeks.) What should I do for that weekend in between?

Some more details:

The work is strictly desk based, but with lots of phone and video calls - potentially the entire shift - and not physical, so safety shouldn't be at stake. My normal waking hours are 630am-1130pm. I don't really have a choice to say no to this.
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