What genre of music is this?

Post date: 2022-12-04 16:40:36
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I recently discovered some covers by a band named Brasstracks that were like nothing I'd ever heard before. There's this Mariah Carey classic cover of Always Be My Baby, Drake's In My Feelings redone and what I think is an original song, XO Tour Llif3. Is this a genre that exists, or just this amazing band?

Elements that I'm hearing:
* brass band, obviously
* hip-hop
* kind of... dreamy? I feel like I'm underwater when I'm listening to it, in the best way. Everything seems so smooth, but not smooth jazz smooth, I can't really explain it!

There's clearly a lot of "brass band remix of insert popular song]" on YouTube, but that's not exactly what I'm looking for. For example, this different band's cover of Crazy In Love, doesn't hit the same spot. That one is JUST a brass band playing hip-hop, not the fluid/smooth/almost... distorted in a good way... style of those covers from Brasstracks.
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