Does anybody have any advice on taking it easy?

Post date: 2022-12-05 01:24:32
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To put some stuff into context. I've been working non stop for almost 5-6 years. I set out to accomplish a great deal of things back in 2018. I made plans to move to Canada, get my master's degree, learn French, machine learning and settle there permanently.

This whole journey is coming to a close. Tomorrow I have my thesis defense, my master's is effectively over after Monday. Last week I got my French test results, if they are to be believed then I am a C1 in French, more importantly a great deal of doors into Québec and Canada are now open to me. Passing that test means that I will get invited to apply for PR. In 5-8 months I will be a permanent resident of Canada.

There are a few things left to do, like getting a job. I have many interviews including one with Google. I would have thought that this was the hard part, but it isn't and sooner or later I'll have a job. I'm in demand and a lot of companies are responding.

However, all of this has taken its toll. My sleep patterns and eating habits are trash. My stress levels have been through the roof. Moreover, earlier this year I ended up twice in the hospital in addition to having to deal with insane grad school politics and switching labs and supervisors at one point.

I'm sort of stuck in these behaviors. I need to reset and restart. I'm wondering if anybody has any advice? I go to therapy by the way, so I'm covered on that front.
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