reminiscent of a futon couch, but easier to move

Post date: 2022-11-28 07:22:06
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Any ideas (photos of examples/ideas, woodworking plans, just thoughts) for building a simple (or complex) sofa, easier to move than a futon, with removable cushions, that's also very comfortable? Example: I'm exploring the world of innerspring crib mattresses. Looking for: above-average comfort; easy to move/disassemble; back slopes slightly (not straight up-and-down) like a sofa.

Current thoughts (these don't all have to be matched):

Cushion mounting: Don't want to be adjusting cushions all the time, and don't want to be looking at a bunch of pillows that slump and look tired. Getting the cushions to stay on and orderly is part of why this is challenging.

Disassembles: I have and love items that disassemble into smaller pieces for moving and/or storage. This is awesome.

Space-efficient: Maybe it's multiple big storage boxes underneath (storage) and somehow they connect and a back attaches at an angle -- and the whole thing is durable. Or maybe not - this is a "would be nice" idea.

Easy to keep clean / safe for pets: There are designs out there (otherwise unsuitable) that use multiple 2x4s stacked with many many gaps between the boards -- that would be impossible to dust.

Depth: I considered a daybed type thing -- twin mattress as the sofa seat -- and I'm shying away from the extra footprint. Twin=38" front to back; crib=28" front to back

Width: I want it nap-sized (so, ~6' seating area, although I could fit something slightly smaller if there were other benefits). Larger would be hard to fit into a room. Would be helpful if the arms were not giant-sized.

Arms: I like nice padded sofa arms, but am considering doing without for simplicity. Probably I can add arms to any design.

Material: Wood, fabric, cushiony stuff; metal furniture is too likely to gouge things or cut into things (including people). I can also use metal cable -- have the tools/hardware for that. Open to doing webbing.

Grommets? Maybe I could make a back cushion that hooks onto something in the back and drapes up and over to the front.

Speed: I have a miter saw and other tools; would like to be able to do this in half a day (excluding cushions).

Things I've already found: a few "12 DIY sofa ideas" articles. Maybe you know one that is specifically for experienced woodworkers, really awesome beautiful design, above-average emphasis on comfort, or takes five minutes if you get a free used restaurant stove off Craigslist (or something) -- otherwise, it would be awesome if y'all could find a specific sofa that has some of these harder-to-find features.

Why now? I'm disassembling a large wooden structure in my house, so I need to use or get rid of a bunch of lumber. Also, I have no couch and really miss having one (my old ones gave me headaches).

Sofa! Or couch! Or divan! Say it however you want! Thank you creative thinkers!
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