dog sports for active dogs with lazy owners

Post date: 2022-11-28 10:20:45
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I recently adopted a rescue dog who is more active and intelligent than any dog I've had before. I think he'd enjoy some kind of dog sports, but I myself am old and tired, with limited time for training. None of my old dogs were interested in anything more athletic than a walk. What might be some good dog activities we could do together, with a lot of activity and stimulation for the dog, and less of it for me?

He loves to jump up and down on high places. He is intensely interested in chasing squirrels, and to that end can run up the side of a tree higher than my head and still land gracefully. Because he's new to me, I've never let him off leash, and I want to teach him to moderate his squirrel chasing before I ever let him off the leash, but maybe he could put some of that energy towards chasing balls or frisbees or something. Because of the leash, I've never seen him really run, but I've walked up to 2 hours with him and never fully tired him out.

He doesn't seem at all unhappy with his current level of activity (1-2 hours of walking a day) - he loves to nap all day when he's at home. But I bet he would enjoy something more, and I could use a bit more exercise myself.
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