Hormonal cycle when on the pill?

Post date: 2022-09-27 18:16:41
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I'm on Zoely, a single dose contraceptive pill that contains natural estrogen and a progestogen. I use it to suppress my hormone cycle, as that seems to help my anxiety. Is it possible that I'm still experiencing hormonal fluctuations produced by my ovaries?

I've had a partial hysterectomy, so have no uterus.

I always skip the placebo pills. I've read that many people experience some kind of delayed period when doing this. That is, no bleeding for months, because of not taking placebos, and then sometimes an sort of delayed bleed as if the body is catching up on the missed periods.

That suggests to me that the pill doesn't completely shut down the ovaries, (as my gynecologist puts it).

I know the bleed that happens during the placebo days when on the pill is not really a period.

But I get kind of hung up on the idea that there's some kind of monthly cycle going on in my body despite my being on the pill. Is that possible?
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