Best way to pre-lighten boxed hair dye?

Post date: 2022-09-28 02:47:37
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What's the best way to lighten the color of boxed hair dye before application?

I've just bleached my ½" buzz cut from dark brown to light yellow and am coloring it with this. (It's hard to find a decent permanent blue.) It's a color I've used before, I like its sheen and it didn't fade AT ALL over six weeks, but this time I want it maybe half as light --- it was so dark it sometimes looked almost black depending on the lighting. What's the best way to do this without compromising its longevity? Add conditioner to the developer? Or thin it with more 20 developer, and at what ratio? Or apply it to damp hair? Or process for a shorter amount of time? Or a combination of these techniques, or some other method I've not considered? If it matters, my hair is coarse and fairly bulletproof; I normally bleach in a single session with 30 developer.
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