What's The Easiest Way to Manage Photos Across Devices?

Post date: 2022-08-15 16:47:49
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I take a lot of photos. I like to edit those photos on various different devices. I am looking for an easy/streamlined way to store my photos in a way that I can access them from whatever device I want to use, in a way that doesn't lose file quality. More details about devices, current cloud storage situation, etc, inside!

The devices I want to edit on:

Lenovo Desktop (windows)
Lenovo Laptop (windows)
iPad Air 4th Gen (iOS)
Samsung Galaxy s10 Phone (android)

The photos are currently stored on an external hard drive permanently attached to the desktop, and backed up with Backblaze. However, it doesn't seem super easy to download photos from my Backblaze account on all the devices (seems like it might be doable, but clunky). I tried a flash drive, but the ipad and android phone aren't super friendly/intuitive with accessing files on it.

I don't need to store ALL my photos at once, just whatever batch I'm working on currently. I imagine loading all my photos onto my desktop as usual, then uploading the batch onto {magical solution} and then the photos are easily available to access on all devices, edit, and then re-upload the edited photo to save back to my desktop, all while maintaining full resolution/quality.

Do I just need a different/additional cloud storage service? I'd rather not pay for one, but the free options on dropbox, google, etc, all seem to involve some compression or reduction in image quality, or very limited space, or problematic privacy situations, so if I have to pay, I might just bite the bullet and do it (in which case, recommendations for specific services are welcome). Appreciate any advice!
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