Hanging out in Eugene, OR

Post date: 2022-08-14 12:00:08
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I'm taking a workshop in Eugene OR for a few days at the end of August and am taking the whole week there to get out of the house. What are your recommendations for low key amusements and food? (difficulty level: vegan)

Looking for places to take a nice walk, hang out and have a snack and beverage, perhaps some outdoor entertainment, maybe learn something new. Wanting just just relax and hang out, willing to drive maybe up to an hour outside of Eugene.

Generally like bookshops, birds, gardens, local museums.

Already planning to visit the Cascades Raptor Center and eat at Cornbread Cafe, Morning Glory Cafe and Screamin' Jay's Hot Lunch.

Not looking for suggestions to head to Portland instead, I've spent plenty of time there!
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