Visiting Los Angeles with teen

Post date: 2022-06-22 08:22:08
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I am taking my teen to LA for a week in July. We will be staying in Laguna Beach for three days to go to the art festivals, that hotel is booked. I had planned to stay in Santa Monica for four nights but now think that may be too long and perhaps we could stay 2 of those nights somewhere else instead. But where?

Part 1: We're not interested in museums, or nature walks. Is there a funky neighborhood you can recommend? Some of our favorite places are Old San Juan, Greenwich Village, and Southbeach; places with shopping, interesting architecture, and cafes. Santa Monica doesn't sound like a great place to use as a base, but we're game for staying there if you can recommend some places not too far away by uber. I had thought about Venice Beach but figure we can go there on a day trip by bike from Santa Monica.
Part 1b: Can you recommend a place to stay in said neighborhood in the $250-350 range?
Part 1c: Is there a Hollywood or other tour you recommend or should we just skip that?

Part 2: We want a hotel with a pool while we're in Santa Monica. Would you recommend we splurge on Hotel Casa Del Mar, the Viceroy, The Shore, or somewhere else you were happy with? Shutters is just too expensive .

Any tips would be very much appreciated.
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