My Back Itches - but I live alone.

Post date: 2022-06-22 11:28:49
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My back has been itching fiercely lately. I have a back scratcher - one of those bamboo tiny monkey hand things from the dollar store - and I love it, but it isn't enough. I live alone with no family members or very close friends nearby so there is nobody who can scratch my back or apply lotion. What do I do?

I went to a dermatologist for a general skin cancer check recently; she was dismissive and uninterested, so it probably isn't a horrible back disease. It does feel like there are a lot of little bumps on my back, but they feel much more like pimples than bug bites. I have in the past had a sebaceous cyst on my back which manifests as a bad itch, but it has been removed. Well, removed three times; it might be back again but this, while similar, seems more widespread.

What do I do? Is this the sort of thing a spa might help with? What do I ask for? I have never been to a spa or had any kind of massage or in general done any bodywork. Do I need to? Can I get a sort of back facial? I'm going nuts and I wish there was someone at home who could just scrape my whole back down then put some kind of cortisone or whatever cream on it, but, sigh, there is not. Is there a magic thing I can use in the shower to reach my back that might help? I tried a shower brush but it didn't really reach. I have somewhat limited mobility in my shoulders which does not help.

Could it be allergies? It's been slowly getting worse for months. I have not recently changed detergent; I use natural detergents that are free of dyes and perfumes. I do use Mrs. Meyers dryer sheets. I have pollen allergies. I also have dogs but the dogs are treated for fleas and not allowed on the bed. Also, I have always had dogs and never had an issue like this before. Thank you for all your help!
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