Can I mainline dark chocolate?

Post date: 2022-05-18 17:50:42
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I'm dealing with pretty severe anxiety, managed these days by Lexapro. Mornings are still a bit tough. I have what I'm pretty sure are big rushes of cortisol, (my doctor agrees). One thing that helps is eating a small amount of dark chocolate. It lifts my mood and smooths out my morning anxiety. But all the anxiety has done a number on my stomach lining and I have gastritis. Dark chocolate and gastritis are not a great combination. Is there any way I can minimise the gastritis-triggering effects of dark chocolate?

I take my dose of Lexapro in the morning with a small snack, which helps to minimise its effects on my stomach.

I have had *all* the tests and scopes and all the treatments and diets to deal with the gastritis including testing for H pylori, testing my thyroid, being on a ppi, having a gastroscope, x ray, and colonoscopy, avoiding dairy and gluten, and the only thing that's made a difference so far is the anxiety medication.
So I'm pretty sure the most effective way to manage the gastritis is to manage the anxiety, which I am doing with the meds, exercise, therapy, and so on.
And hopefully a little bit of dark chocolate?
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