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Post date: 2022-05-19 14:56:03
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I'll be going to Japan in August and all the main points have already been nailed down, what else can I fit in around them? For example I'll be going to the Ghibli museum, maybe there's a great restaurant or shop nearby I should check out?

If you were to tell me you would be visiting Kyoto circa 2005 I'd tell you to get the melon pan that's sold from a truck/stall in the Nijo shopping arcade. Nothing I'd recommend making a specific trip for, although I have made that trip many times, but if you're nearby then something you should check out. I'm looking for similar type recommendations.

I'll be based out of my in-laws home on the border of Osaka and Kyoto but will be doing a fair bit of travelling to visit friends and family and also to cross things off my bucket list. I haven't visited since 2015 so I expect that lots of things have changed. Where I will be going for sure from west to east:

Fukuoka and Karatsu (Saga) 3 days
We'll be visiting family here and pretty much letting them lead the way. Stuff near Hakata station would be good because we'll be there at least twice.

Hiroshima 1 day+night
This is more touristy stuff, taking our kids to the Peace Park and going to Miyajima. Also I want to eat Hiroshima tsukemen and will likely visit Okonomi-mura as well.

Naoshima 1 day+night
This is just to visit the art museums and see the installations. If we weren't already going to Hiroshima we probably wouldn't make the trip here.

Kansai 10+ days
Mostly spending time with friends and family. This is the area I know best but again all of my information is now out of date. If I'm going in to one of the main cities it'll probably be Kyoto because that has the most memories but I'll probably go to Osaka at least once to show my kids the giant lion head shrine in Namba and the water clock in Osaka Station City.

Wakayama (Kumano Kodo) 3 days
I was supposed to go there for my birthday in 2003 and it never happened! Finally get the chance to go, but will just be on the Nakahechi for a couple of days with my brother-in-law most likely (in my dreams I'd hike the entire route up to Yoshino but that'll have to wait for another time when the schedule isn't so busy).

Nagoya 1/2 day
We'll be visiting a friend here.

Tokyo 3 days
Visiting lots of different friends. Probably going to the Ghibli museum with one of them. I feel like I have to go to the Sky Tree as well.

Everyone's middle-aged and has young kids so there aren't going to be many late nights, or at least not ones spent in clubs or bars.

Also, as you can see from above we'll be spending lots of time on trains so any ekiben, train station shops or convenience store snack recommendations would be appreciated as well.
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