Where to go in February for a couple of weeks, east coast edition

Post date: 2022-01-27 02:20:31
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My friend, myself, and my dog are taking a road trip in February but not sure where to go. I'd like it to be within a couple of days drive from NYC, warm but not necessarily hot, and somewhere that I can bring my dog out for activities.

I can't hike extensively, and currently ride my bike around the park every morning with my dog following with the occasional side track to chase a squirrel (there are legal off leash hours and my dog is older not even close to fast enough to catch or even get near a squirrel). I will be taking my bike with me, so access to somewhere I can ride and she can trot is ideal (either on or off leash). I'm not much of a beach goer but I'm ok with them for short walks and such.

Current suggestions from my friend are Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach NC, Asheville NC, or someplace in South Carolina or Georgia, but coastal states are not a requirement so any ideas more inland are also good.

Mefites who know these areas, what are your recommendations?

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