Help a professor deal with the koolaid drinkers

Post date: 2022-01-24 05:47:46
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What resource(s) can I post in my online Federal Government course to deal with students who still think "Democrats stole the presidential elections"? I would prefer if it was just one link/resource, but could link to other sources.

I would like to post some sort of link(s) to resources with obviously credible information, preferably all in one place. Usually something concise is more effective but that might not be possible. Even if the MAGA folks don't read it, at least the other students will have this resource at hand. Got any ideas? Know anything similar?

I don't want it to become a debate or a back-and-forth with those students. I am not the crazy person whisperer - and honestly I'm not paid enough for that.

For the record: this is a required course at a university, so all sorts of majors.

Help! Thank you!
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