Covid and return to 'normal', esp. re international travel

Post date: 2021-11-29 14:14:47
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Covid's emergence, concurrent with Carbon reduction measures suggests global travel has to drop off - a lot. I'm writing from New Zealand where tourism has collapsed (and the low-paying industry is hankering for return to normal). I doubt normal will return, but what will after look like? Hence this somewhat work-related question, as I occasionally design public space.

When Covid started I thought it'd be ten-years before anything like normality returned. I'm starting to feel my initial hunch was correct with Covid pumping out variants, and all the madness arising from supply-chain collapses, plus bad actors and idiots.

Here there's a frantic expansion/development of a cycle path network - and much resistance to change otherwise - huge road/tunnel programs/demolition and building bubble, and planting the wrong trees in the wrong places.

Tourism now is virtually 100% in-country residents, but nothing like the before - 3.8M arrivals in 2018, with 378k arriving in March 2018, and 3000 in March 2020 (mostly NOT tourism AFAICT).

So with travel what will change where you are? What will come after?

Do you think it'll change and if so, how?

Where you how do you see tourism returning?

If anyone answers this can you please say roughly where you are so I can gauge market size and make rough comparisons. Also what is your regions' climate change stance?
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