Living with immune suppression in 2021

Post date: 2021-11-28 14:16:26
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What do people do to have the best, most active life while on immune suppressants in 2021? (More details inside, if curious, but this is the tl;dr)

I have been on immune suppressants since June for psoriatic arthritis. Having a suppressed immune system is scary right now and I got sick this past semester a lot, now that we are more or less back to being in person where I work (a lot > 6 weeks of the semester).

I have a therapist and I have talked to my doctor, who was kind and had some good suggestions but basically shrugged and said "this may be your new normal."

If you or a friend or family member are immune suppressed, what are you doing to get through this time when it seems like everyone who isn't us can go back to "normal"? What helps you get sick less often?

I am ok emotionally and working with an excellent therapist and have a very good medical team. I also have a pretty supportive workplace but they don't really know how to help. I would like to know what others in my position are doing that might help.

Thanks in advance.
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