How do you count Mississippis?

Post date: 2021-11-25 03:35:01
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My 5-year-old has been sufficiently indoctrinated into kindergarten culture that she was counting "one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi ..." when I asked her to give me 5 seconds to finish something before helping her with her coat. Which made me curious, how do children or adults in other parts of the world count seconds? I assume there must be other filler words, in a variety of languages.

For those who've never counted Mississippis, You stick it between numbers to make them take longer to say, typically starting with hide and seek or touch football games in school, when you have to get to five Mississippis before you can blitz the quarterback, and eventually using it to count how far apart the lightning and thunder are to tell how close the storm is.

(I did find a few results on Google, but they were pretty thin and paltry.)
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