Can you give me a non-spoilery hint to progress in the Outer Wilds DLC?

Post date: 2021-10-25 13:55:41
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I'm playing the Echoes of the Eye DLC for the Outer Wilds and have made good progress, but there is one bit I'm stuck on that I would like help with without having to resort to an online guide which might get too spoilery. Details inside.

I'm stuck on getting up to the top level where the plinth to turn off the lights is in Starlit Cove. I have complete the other two main 'special' areas to get the techniques there, but I'm stuck on this one. I've tried seeing if the burnt building is relevant but it doesn't appear to be, and I've tried attempting to get the strangers to use the lifts by focusing my lantern at them. Pretty stumped at this point.

Can you give a hint about the sorts of things I should be trying? Please don't just give me the exact solution :)
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