Burying ethernet cable (or wireless??)

Post date: 2021-10-20 02:45:09
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I think I need to bury about 80m of ethernet cable, in order to extend Internet access from an old house to an even-older barn. We have a tractor and willing hands. What else do we need, and how do we do it?

A pair of wireless repeaters would be easy, but possibly ugly; it is an old site, after all. We have line of sight, though, so I am willing to be persuaded by anyone with good experience here. At the same time, we're well within the 100m limit of ethernet, as long as we don't have any big detours.

This is in New England, so it gets cold. Do we have to go below the frost line?

What kind of cable -- Cat7?

And last, what kind of conduit do we use? A roll of something (similar to PEX), or rigid segments that get stuck together?

I do know that we should bury warning tape on top of any conduit or line (a few inches shallower), and also that we should run a second, idle line Just In Case. The organization is all-volunteer, and would prefer to do it ourselves instead of paying a cabling contractor.
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