Son with eczema wakes up in the middle of the night itching

Post date: 2021-10-20 04:28:27
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My son has severe eczema but it's manageable during day time.but he wakes up around 2am (almost every day), itches like crazy for almost an hour and then sleeps .Somedays I give him homeopathy medicine when he itches in the night.That helps but not all the time.somedays the itchiness stops after some time by itself.Somedays he is so sweaty when he's up,he changes his top ,itches and then sleeps again.There is no one thing or a pattern that we could find out that triggers.

He use to sleep through the night few years back ,but I don't remember what we did right then.

His food includes low sugar and free of all major allergens.he takes vitamins.He runs in the treadmill everyday for a hour or so.He is okay during the day (maybe little itchy here and there ) but overall fine all day.He takes warm shower after exercising .Apply lotion after shower.A/c was on till yesterday.We had to switch on the heat today as the temperature dipped below 50 here in east coast.

Air purifier,humidifiers run all night in his room. He has a fan at high speed running next to him.I apply lotion before bed.I wash his sheets every week in allergy free detergent.But still,looks like we are missing something from getting a good night sleep.

Do you have any advice or suggestions that has helped people with eczema sleep good without waking up itching in the middle of the night?
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