Looking for a visualization of highspeed railroad deployment by nation

Post date: 2021-09-16 04:53:19
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About a year ago I found an excellent visualization, then failed to save it and can't find the blessed thing. It was an animated graph of how different nations deployed new highspeed railroad capacity. As a graph, the vertical axis was for various nations (China, Japan, Germany, etc) and the horizontal represented mileage (or total kilometers).

Animation: it covered roughly 1960-2020 and proceeded as a video or animated gif. Year by year each nation's new track total grew or shrank, and the rank order of nations switched to keep the one with the biggest expansion up top. Watching it, you could see different countries grow their capacity, then stop growing. China took the lead circa 2005? and blew everyone else away.

I have found many visualizations and infographics of the topic, but most are static (for example) (another example). This one is animated and follows that ranking order, but only covers the top speeds of individual trains.

I dimly recall sharing this via Twitter and Facebook, but can't find them because their search is bad and perhaps I didn't actually do that. I do remember promising myself to save it to Pinboard and Diigo, and then forgetting to. I thought it was from the Data is Beautiful subreddit, but can't find it there.

I'm convinced it was real and not a dream! Thank you in advance for any help!
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