Meditation recommendations for a better relationship with one's body?

Post date: 2021-09-16 05:02:41
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Meditative mefites, I seek your help in finding a specific kind of exercise. I'm looking meditations/visualisations/what have you, for building a better relationship with one's body. Specifically in terms of building trust, comfort, and compassion with the physical self. More details below the fold...

Working with my therapist I've identified that a big thing for me is that I have a distrust of and alienation from my own body, rooted in childhood chronic illness. My therapist suggested we find a meditation exercise to help with this, however we're both having trouble turning up just the right kind of thing, so here I am with this question, hoping the hivemind has an answer!

It's not to do with acceptance of appearance (which is where a lot of my internet searching is ending up), it is to do with making friends with the body as in coming to know it as not a threat, not an enemy. I've tried general body scan stuff and it's okay, but I feel like I bounce off it a little bit, like there's other steps I need to get through for that to not feel weird for me.

I'm a bit new to the mindfulness thing, however I have experience with yoga (bit out of practice), and deep listening (which mashes up bits of a few meditation practices, I gather), so I'm ready and willing to try things out. Suggestions of apps, books, videos, or whatever are welcome.
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