What shall I buy my wife for our five year anniversary?

Post date: 2021-07-23 09:08:31
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Hi everyone. Me and my wife live in London. Next week I will be flying to Seattle for a week and then returning on the day of our fifth wedding anniversary. Does anyone have any suggestion for a gift?

I'll have to get it delivered/pick up in Seattle no later than 4 August.

I'm asking because I don't know America/Seattle well and there might be something other than the obvious (which is perfume from the airport—she loves perfume).

Creative suggestions welcome.

Price anywhere between $30 and $100ish (I'll get in trouble if I spend much more).

I won't have seen her for a while so I would like to give her something to unwrap. It has to be portable/easily transportable. I do have a bag in the hold but the gift can't be too big.

I am very happy going with the 'wood' theme for the fifth anniversary, but it doesn't have to be.

She has a minimal aesthetic, doesn't like a lot of stuff, but loves gadgets, labour saving devices and house plants. She also likes games—it might be fun to get a game to do on that day, some interesting food/drink, something very American/Seattle (I have no clue), something beauty related (no earrings though). No books.

Maybe it will end up being perfume. Is there a woody smelling perfume that is nice? Is there a super-USA/Washington state (wood) gift? Perhaps something small and decorative? A wooden bowl might be right, but probably too expensive.

Thanks for any help and thoughts!
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