How will our things fare in a shipping container?

Post date: 2021-07-22 08:37:29
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I'm moving from St. Louis, MO to Atlanta, GA in about a month. For listing the house I'm putting many of my belongings in a storage container for about one month. The containers we have seem to be dry and fairly resistant to pests. The one thing they aren't is cool in St. Louis Summer weather (averaging ~88 F and ~65% humidity.) The boxes are basically a giant oven, especially when not stored in a climate controlled space. We've accepted that some things might be damaged by the heat and others will be just fine. The more we can put in the containers the better. What's good in a container and what's not?

Tell me about your experiences using storage containers for a move and what got ruined by heat and humidity or survived the heat and humidity that surprised you?

Two types of items of particular interest are CDs and Lego. Can those withstand that sort of heat and humidity for a month (today it's 89 F with a 50% relative humidity and it's 102 F in the container)?

What other things would you not put in there?
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