Is it safe to stop adderall cold turkey?

Post date: 2021-03-04 14:22:08
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I skipped my adderall today to catch up on sleep and surprisingly felt the best I have in weeks. I'd been planning to taper off, but now I want to just stop completely. Are there physical risks with that?

I've been taking 20 mg Adderall XR for ~5-6 months since being diagnosed with ADHD. I think my dose may be too high or maybe my diagnosis is wrong, but it's no longer helping me focus and I'm having bad mood swings and sleep issues. I thought I would be super depressed today based on how I feel in the evenings when the adderall wears off, but instead I feel great, just a mild headache (and I did nap a ton).

I'm also in an insurance transition so I have no access to a psychiatrist or doctor (they can't even schedule me without proof of insurance and then there would be a long wait for a new patient appointment).

I was planning to gradually taper off the adderall anyway since I don't know when I can be prescribed more (have some 5 mg tablets from when I started), but what's the point if I already feel okay? Are there other risks to stopping abruptly?
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