What is this Soviet short story I might have read from a MeFi link?

Post date: 2021-03-03 12:46:36
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I have searched MeFi and Google to the best of my ability, but I'm coming up with nothing. I'm trying to find a feminist Soviet short story that I read online; I was sure it was part of a MetaFilter FPP but now I'm having doubts. Does the vague summary below ring any bells for anyone?

My impression - possibly erroneous - is that it was both written and set in the 1970's in the USSR. The main character was a female scientist who was married with a young child. The story described her day: the women in the lab were somehow segregated from the men and maybe doing less interesting work, they all spent their lunch hour lining up to buy some kind of soap or cleaning product that was rumored to have become available, and she went home at the end of the day. The child has a cold, and she's fretting about either sending him back to daycare sick or missing work herself. She's doing all the cooking and the housework, while her husband either reads or listens to music and acts all pompous and intellectual.

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