Script & vocab for finding out patient's status after surgery in France?

Post date: 2021-02-23 22:40:26
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A family member has just undergone hardcore surgery in France. Their spouse does not speak French, and is not allowed in the hospital due to COVID-19. We need updates on how the patient is doing, over the phone. Looking for French-language scripts and vocabulary/key terms lists, with urgency.

I have a high general proficiency in French, but don't want to make any communication or comprehension errors for obvious reasons. The patient is in ICU for a few days if all goes well after the surgery, so this is a very stressful and serious medical situation. Having a list of key terms and idiomatic phrases, scripts would be extremely helpful.

Key topics:
- How did the surgery go?
- Was the surgery successful in removing (lung) growths?
- Can his wife visit him during post-surgical recovery in hospital?
- How do we get information about his progress, moving forward? (i.e. Do we need to keep telephoning, or will they reach out?)

Thanks in advance for any/all help, much appreciated.
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