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Post date: 2021-02-21 14:55:44
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My move has been postponed for Reasons. I thought I could use the year or so's delay to upgrade my living space a little, to make it feel nicer to stay in for the time being and alleviate the disappointment a tad, but also to make it more attractive to future buyers. What are some things I can do to a small apartment to make it feel fresh and inviting? What would you do? My own existing plans beneath the fold.

I don't really have much of an idea of what I should do to my place. It's a reasonably sizeable one-bedroom apartment. It's perfectly nice - I keep it tidy - but it's a little tired looking and it faces North East and is shadowed by trees so doesn't get a lot of light. I don't have a lot of decorating/architectural 'vision' and I find Pinterest and the like a little exhausting to sift through.

I thought I could do the following:

1) Declutter
2) Minor cosmetic upgrades in bathroom (replacing the exhaust fan, replacing shower curtain with a screen, replacing the bathroom cabinet with a nicer one)
3) Improve the storage in the kitchen - maybe add some open shelving to the one wall that doesn't have anything currently on it, above head height to avoid potential head banging
4) I would love to find a temporary fly screen solution for my windows that doesn't look ugly and temporary - I live on the ground floor and rarely keep the windows open because insects come in but it would be so nice to be able to do so in summer. But my lease (I own the flat) is weird - I am not allowed to make permanent changes to the windows.
5) Frame some art
6) Replace my ugly Command hooks with a nice coat hanging rail

I appreciate you guys don't know what my place looks like, but I'd love to know what inexpensive small things make a small space look more attractive and feel more functional. Or to put it another way: If you had an unexpected grace period that you could use to make your home nicer, what would you do?

Thanks for your help!
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