Maybe I want a new job. What's out there?

Post date: 2021-01-20 09:00:27
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I feel like I'm at a crossroads with my career - Java developer (client and server-side). It's probably time to get a new workplace. But I'm also interested in figuring out my endgame. I'm 40. I love to learn. There's so much to choose from. What could be a good lateral jump that would pay well and ring my bells?

I'm likely to leave my job soon (I wrote this question). I have a promotion in the works and at the same time I likely have an interview for a new job next week. But I don't have a larger plan or goal in mind when it comes to my career. Manager? Nope. Architect? Probably not fulfilling enough to justify the amount of education I'd have to complete.

Is there a vaguely-associated job out there that would pay me enough (let's say starting at or quickly getting to 70k which is what I make now) that would make it worthwhile to take some time to do courses towards? I love to learn new things, so that would be a pleasure if it was something I found really interesting. I'm also not afraid to jump into new things. I have high confidence in my ability to land jobs and be successful. Honestly, this job I've had for the last number of years has eroded that confidence and I want it back.

That said I'm a woman in her 40's with small kids, so I'm not doing a degree. Anything I choose would have to be certificate/diploma. Luckily we have a local trades school with a lot of options and the ability to take things one course at a time.

Anything involving more hardware/electronics types of stuff could really float my boat. Also, working a bit more hands on and with more human interaction. Instrumentation? Some kind of electronics engineer? Automation? Fibre Optics?

This question is extremely loose. What I'm looking for is ideas of where a software developer who is looking for a career change might go, where the development background would be or at least be perceived to be an asset.
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